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Lesson 1 Finding fossil man发现化石人

Lesson 2 Spare that spider不要伤害蜘蛛

Lesson 3 Matterhorn man马特霍恩山区人

Lesson 4 Seeing hands能看见东西的手

Lesson 5 Youth青年

Lesson 6 The sporting spirit体育的精神

Lesson 7 Bats蝙蝠

Lesson 8 Trading standards贸易标准

Lesson 9 Royal espionage王室谍报活动

Lesson 10 Silicon valley硅谷


Lesson 1   Finding fossil man


1. Is there any ___ for his conduct?

(a) expression (b) explanation (c) experiment (d) extension

2. They were filled with ___ when they saw the spaceship.

(a) wonder (b) admiration (c) gaze (d) wander

3.___ often happens in science, fact turns out to be far more fascinating than fiction.

(a) As so (b) What (c) That (d) So far

4. He has been writing this novel for two years. ___ , the book will he. published.

(a) Before long (b) Long before (c) So long as (d) For long

5. This is not the way ___ we came last time.

(a) that (b) which (c) what (d) by that

6. It's the duty of the police to ___ the public order.

(a) prevent (b) present (c) preserve (d) prepare

7. Matter is anything ___ occupies space and possesses weight.

(a) which (b) that (c) as (d) what

8. The only thing ___ attracts me is its beauty.

(a) that (b) which (c) that (d) which

9. The sight ___ to me the days of my childhood in the countryside.

(a) recalled (b) reminded (c) remembered (d) recommended

10. When did that book come ___ ?

(a) off (b) out (c) round (d) true

11.The audience was made ___ verv young children.

(a) of (b) from (c) in (d) up of

12. Can you make ___ people on the phone by the sound of their voice?

(a) up (b) over (c) out (d) of

13. Thev lived ___ all the difficulties, and at last, they got married.

(a) off (b) on (c) out (d) through

14. In time of danger , john lent ___ hand and we smoothly carried out the plan in the end.

(a) at (b) a (c) by (d) on

15. Do you think it's fair to keep a bird ___ in a cage all the time?

(a) restricted .(b) confined (c) limited (d) enclosed


we can ___ of things that happened 5,000 years ago in the Near East, ___ people first



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