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《新概念英语同步互动习题集(3)》主要致力于帮助具备一定英语水平的学习者扩充词汇量,提高应试能力。木书以《新概念英语》 (第三册)为蓝本,全面涵盖了课文及大学英语四级大纲中的所有重要词汇和相关词组,对英语学习中常用常考的重要单词和相关词组进行分析解,对容易混淆的重要词汇进行辨析,既有助于消化吸收,又有利于构筑坚实的词汇基础。此外,《新概念英语同步互动习题集(3)》选用了部分大学四、六级经典试题以帮助学习者解决实际应用问题,通过详尽透彻的说明阐释,充分展现英语词汇的魅力,提升大家对英语学习的兴趣,同时达到积极备考的目的。




Lesson 1 A puma at large逃遁的美洲狮

Lesson 2 Thirteen equals one 十三等于一

Lesson 3 An unknown goddess 无名女神

Lesson 4 The double life of Alfred Bloggs 阿尔弗雷德.布洛格斯的双重生活

Lesson 5 The facts 确切数字

Lesson 6 Smash-and-grab砸橱窗抢劫

Lesson 7 Mutilated ladies*残钞鉴别组

Lesson 8 A famous monastery著名的修道院

Lesson 9 Flying cats飞猫

Lesson 10 The loss of the Titanic“泰坦尼克”号的沉没


Lesson 1 A puma at large



[ju:] 1.( ) (a) human (b) hunt (c) construct (d) but

[ə] 2.( ) (a) somehow (b) oblige (c) spot (d) object

[ŋ] 3.( ) (a) print (b) convince (c) hunt (d) cling

[ei] 4.( ) (a) blackberry (b) accumulate (c) human (d) punia

[e] 5.( ) (a) evidence (b) oblige (c) somehow (d) blackberry


1.Mike's uncle insists ___ in this hotel.

(a) staying not (b) not to stay (c) that he would not stay (d) that he not stay

2. Another argument with his boss ___ him that he should find a new job.

(a) convinced (b) fixed (c) believed (d) agreed

3. The manager of the hotel requests that their guests ___ after 11:00 p. m.

(a) not to play loud music (b) shouldn't play loud music

(c) don't play loud music (d) couldn't play ioud music

4. It is recommended that the project ___ until all the preparations have been made.

(a) is not started (b) will not be started

(c) not be started (d) is not to be started

5. She has a small machine for ___ coffee beans.

(a) breaking (b) smashing (c) grinding (d) crushing

6. Living in the raentral Australian destrrt has its problems. ___ obtaining water is not the Least.

(a) for which (b) to which (c) of which (d) in which

7. The goals ___ which he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him.

(a) after (b) for (c) with (d) at

8. He finally ___ to find the reference book that he had been looking for.

(a) tried (b)attemped (c)ran (d)managed

9. I hit my knee ___ the corner of the table.

(a) in (b) at (c) round (d) by

10. He managed ___ to pay off his debts.

(a) anyhow or other (b) anyhow or another

(c) somehow or other (d) somehow or another

11. It is essential that these application forms ___ sent back as early as possible.

(a) must be (b) will be (c) are (d) be

12. It is vital thar enough money ___ to fund the project.

(a) be collected (b) must be collected

(c) is collected (d) can be collected

13.She will be angry if you ___ her while she is sleeping.

(a) distress (b) disturb (c) district (d) distribute

14.He liked living ___. so he moved to a ___ mountain village.

(a) lonely, lonely (b) alone, alone

(c) lonely, alone (d) alone, lonely

15. At the party we found that shy girl ___ her mother all the time.



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